Instructions for writing the abstract


Abstracts can be submitted until June 14th 2023, 23:59, by email to

Please respect the following abstract writing requirements:

  • maximum 250 words;
  • written in English;
  • Times New Roman 11 font, no paragraph alignment or other indentation; will not be formatted.

The abstract must include:

  • the title, written in capital letters followed by a blank line; the title (including spaces) may not be longer than 250 characters;
  • the authors’ names, written on one line, in the following order: last name, followed by their first names (do not use professional/academic titles); one line should be left blank after the list of authors;
  • affiliation (section, institution, city, country) of both first author and co-authors. The first letter of each word must be capitalised;
  • a line should be inserted containing 3-5 keywords;
  • the text itself must follow the familiar structure: introduction, material and methods, results, conclusions (avoid wording such as “the results will be presented”); the text must contain sufficient detail to justify the conclusion;


Instructions for E-posters:

E-poster presentations will still be made in PowerPoint format (.ppt, .pptx), even if the event will be held physically. E-posters will run at the event venue.
– size: 20 inch x 35 inch, PORTRAIT
– recommended fonts: Arial, Calibri, Times New Roman
– recommended font size: 12 – 24 point
– for better visibility when designing, light fonts on a dark background are recommended
– English language

E-Posters will be displayed during the event on an electronic medium. The Evaluation Committee will award prizes for the best posters.
The electronic media on which e-posters will be presented will have the media ratio set to 9:16 (PORTRAIT). Files will have a maximum size of 15 mb/e-Poster and will not exceed 1 slide/e-Poster.

Deadline for poster submission: June 26th, 2023, until 23:59.